Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor Meaning:
A financial advisor (or financial adviser in some countries) is a certified investment professional, providing financial advice to customers to help them meet their long-term financial goals for a compensatory fee. Financial advisors provide many different services like investment management, tax planning, insurance, mortgages, retirement planning and more. Some financial advisors may be paid a flat fee, while others are paid a commission for the invested amount, depending on the regulatory laws of the country they are operating in.

A Financial Advisor helps clients to set realistic financial goals and provides objective advice to help them reach their goals. They help to organize financial assets in a manner that will help grow the client´┐Żs financial wealth. The term Financial Advisor is used in the broader context, encompassing different types of financial professionals like stockbrokers, insurance agents, real estate managers, risk managers, tax and financial planners. A financial advisor may also be referred to as an investment advisor, financial planner or investment consultant.