Institutional Broking

Institutional Broking Meaning:
Institutional Broking is a financial term that provides equity sales for wholesale and professional investors by specialist financial firms that can include both corporate and institutional funds management clients. This service typically includes research, execution and high touch client services. Institutional Broking teams connect with institutional investors with a listed companies including providing independent advice, insights and enterprise grade execution for institutional investors.

Companies like Ord Minnett Companies can provide institutional broking for small and mid-cap sector that work in conjunction with research and dedicated corporate finance teams. In particular they may have an institutional sales and trading team delivering research to clients for small and mid-cap research sales as well as trade execution across stocks. For their institutional clients companies they may provide exclusive access to company roadshows, meetings and events, trade execution and settlement, access to arranged IPOs, placements and raisings. While for corporate clients they can offer execution of buy-backs, on-market capital management transactions , investor access and stock trade data including broker volumes.