ISA Rates

ISA Rates Meaning:
In UK deposit terminology, the term ISA Rates refers to the rate of interest paid on funds deposited into Individual Savings Accounts or ISAs. ISA Rates can vary depending on what financial institution and what type of ISA is selected.

For example, Cash ISA Rates in the United Kingdom were around 2.00 to 3.15 percent in 2011. There may be age restrictions on such accounts, bonuses paid, a limited amount of withdrawals per year, a notice period for withdrawals and other specific terms and conditions that may affect a particular ISA�s attractiveness. Also, higher ISA Rates are usually paid for fixed rate term accounts that require you to deposit money in the ISA for a particular time frame, such as one to five years. ISA Rates were first made available in the U.K. in April of 1999 as a way for the public to save money or invest in shares without having to pay taxes on the interest or income earned during the investment period. Furthermore, a yearly limit is placed on the amount of money or assets an investor can deposit in an ISA at ISA Rates.
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