app todoApp { : "AU OpenBanking Example -> AU API Header", // Consumer Data Rights Implementation GET Example Url : { // Bank var headers = { 'Accept':'application/json', 'x-v':'string', 'x-min-v':'string', x-fapi-interaction-id':'string', 'x-fapi-auth-date':'string', 'x-fapi-customer-ip-address':'string', 'x-cds-client-headers':'string' "UK OpenBanking Example -> UK API JSON Data"// Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) { "data": [ { "Brand": { "BrandName": "Bank Name Example", "PCA": [ { "Name": "FlexAccount", "Identification": "FlexAccount", "OnSaleIndicator": "1", "PCAMarketingState": [ { "Overdraft": { "OverdraftTierBandSet": [

One Product API. with Open Banking

Integrating and normalizing Financial and Bank Product APIs. We simplify multiple apis into one simple API from countries where regulators mandate that consumers data rights include product information as well as rates

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