Business Advisory

Business Advisory Meaning:
Business Advisory is a service provided by accounting and professional services network firms for small, mid​-sized and large businesses which can range from start-ups, SMEs and family-owned businesses to large private and public organisations. These firms support companies through business lifecycle solutions with tailored service offerings and resources. These services can include commercial advice and customized business planning, funding, financial management, advisory boards, structuring, succession planning as well as financial reporting and business strategy.

Accounting firms such as RSM, Mazars, Haines Watts and Nexia may provide client businesses develop plans at each stage of your business’ lifecycle as well as identify business opportunities from IT solutions, structuring or access to grants. The services and offerings can vary across providers but it may range from customized solutions to raise capital, value a business or make acquisitions/disposals or advice on strategic decisions. Larger firms can also provide additional support for legal and forensic support as well as HR and talent management.