Governance Advisory

Governance Advisory Meaning:
Governance advisory is a type of service offered to boards and board-level committees, ranging from all kinds of enterprises including listed, regulated and Not-for-Profits. It is offered by professional services networks to improves corporate governance practices and structures that may include corporate boards to undertake meaningful self assessments and improve their oversight and internal processes. Boards essential role as upper management in an organization require considered strategy, governance and risk oversight as scrutiny placed on boards by various stakeholders such as regulators, investors, government has required organizations to revisit and further strengthen their governance compliance.

While professionals services networks KPMG, Deloitte's and PWC have the experience of working governance of boards of large cap and mid-cap companies. Law firms such as DLA Piper, Allen & Overy have all launched new risk and governance advisory businesses to become “one stop shops” for legal and advisory services. In particular all these firms can offer customised solutions to the board of directors that may include facilitation of Board effectiveness evaluations, develop and implement of Board improvement programmes, the design and implementation of a governance framework, structure/practices and develop a Board remuneration framework. In Addition it can also include CEO and CFO Certification as well as advisory expertise on the holistic range of related services including legal and regulatory, strategy, human capital, sustainability, risk and assurance, risk management, internal control systems.