Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Linear Low Density Polyethylene Meaning:
In commodity market terminology, Linear Low Density Polyethylene or LLDPE refers to a linear polymer of ethylene or polyethylene with short branches made by the co-polymerization of ethylene. The process produces a linear polymer with a narrower molecular weight distribution than regular, low-density polyethylene. LLDPE is commonly-used to manufacture a wide range of plastic-related products, including plastic bags, toys and flexible tubing.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene futures contracts trade on the London Metals Exchange or LME in lots of 24.75 metric tons per contract. The LME contract is deliverable in North America, Asia and Europe. LLDPE contracts also trade on the Dalian Commodity Exchange or DCE in China where contracts are quoted in Chinese Remnimbi.