Home Loan Rates by Banks

Bank Branch Founded Country Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Deutsche Bank Home Loan 1,873 1870 Germany 1.07% - EUR Jun 2018
Rabobank 1 Year Home Loan 910 1972 Netherlands 1.20% - EUR Feb 2018
Credit Suisse 5 Year Home Loan 1856 Switzerland 1.28% - CHF Feb 2018
ING 1 Year Home Loan 1991 Netherlands 1.44% - EUR Feb 2018
ABN AMRO 1 Year Home Loan 3,000 1720 Netherlands 1.44% - EUR Mar 2019
Coventry Building Society 2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 70 1884 United Kingdom 1.59% - GBP Aug 2019
Bank of Scotland 2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 300 1695 United Kingdom 1.64% - GBP Jul 2018
HSBC Taiwan Home Loan 46 2010 Taiwan 1.65%~3.54% - TWD Feb 2018
HSBC UK 2 Year Fixed Mortgage 1725 1865 United Kingdom 1.74% - GBP Jul 2018
Barclays Fixed Rate Mortgage 1700 1690 United Kingdom 1.85% - GBP Jul 2018
DBS Singapore HDB Home Loan 80 1968 Singapore 1.85% - SGD Aug 2019
CBA CommBank Green Loan principal and interest to owner occupied 1026 1912 Australia 1.99% - AUD Apr 2023
Nordea 3 Month Home Loan 1,400 1820 Sweden 1.99% - SEK Feb 2018
Clydesdale Bank 2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 140 1838 United Kingdom 1.99% - GBP Jul 2018
SEB 1 Year Home Loan 1856 Sweden 2.04% - SEK Feb 2018
Chase 15 Year Fixed Mortgage 5600 1799 United States 2.125% - USD May 2021
Citibank Hong Kong 30 Year Mortgage 41 1902 Hong Kong 2.15% - HKD Jun 2018
Bank BPH Home Loan Megahipoteka 300 Poland 2.29% - PLN Jun 2018
ING Belgium 10 Year Variable Mortgage Loan 761 1871 Belgium 2.35% - EUR Jun 2018
Fokus Bank 3 Year Home Loan 32 1859 Norway 2.35% - NOK Feb 2018
Switching your home loan

When looking for the best home loan deal in your country, their are a few common factors to consider:

- Look for the total cost of the home loan, commonly known as 'APR' or 'Comparison Rate which will include not just the interest rates but fees and other costs. In some countries, lenders provide facts sheets about the loan in a set format, so that it is easier to compare loans from other products.

- Ask your existing lender of your mortgage , by signaling your intention that you are planning to switch to another lender, they could offer you an alternative loan product at a discounted rate, or offer to reduce the interest rate on your current loan to keep your mortgage.

- Before you switch from your current provider, its important to calculate the costs of switching especially if you decide to increase your loan amount or LMI is more than 80%.

- If you decide to refinance consider than some lenders may only allow a longer term loan rather then the number of years you have left on your existing mortgage loan.

Why don't many people switch banks when lower rates for mortgages exist? Some of the reasons that customers seem reluctant to switch to smaller and more competitive providers seems to be that distaste for filling in forms as well as going to a new provider means proving your identity again and demonstrating ability to pay, job and spending and savings habits. Once switching is made easier with having complete account number portability, similar for mobile phone numbers it may drive a higher churn adoption and more people taking the step to change as there would be less of a need to re-establish identity and no longer need to speak to your old provider with the new provider switching everything across.

World Rates

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  • Q: Do you provide historical mortgage rates by country?

    Reply Kelsey from Hayward, United States
  • Q: Is this chart showing a 15 year fixed rate?? I want to see a 30 year fixed rate for Home loans. Thank you

    Reply Jill from Tucson, United States
    • R: judging from the usa rate, i wld guess these are all short term variable rates..but too bad they dont say. the 1 year variable mortgage rate in the US is about 2 1/2 now above what they show here but it s close so i m uessing that s the deal.

      Reply johnny maynard key
  • Q: What is the difference between auto, car, rates?

    Reply Ameer from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia