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World Loan Rates

Country Inflation GDP Population Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Ukraine 49% 6,665* 42,977,367 0.01%17.02% - UAH Feb 2017
Germany 2.2% 34,388 80,767,000 0.89% - EUR Oct 2016
Switzerland 0.4% 40,484 8,183,800 1.03% - CHF Feb 2017
United Kingdom 2% 34,388 64,105,654 1.16% - GBP Feb 2017
Netherlands 2.3% 39,877 16,876,800 1.40% - EUR Feb 2017
United States 1.5% 45,934 319,094,000 1.49% - USD Feb 2017
Japan 0.4% 32,554 127,090,000 1.50% - JPY Feb 2017
Taiwan 1.6% 31,776 23,410,280 1.63%~3.50% - TWD Feb 2017
Belgium 3.1% 36,274 11,215,442 1.950% - EUR Dec 2015
Sweden 2.5% 35,951 9,728,498 1.99% - SEK Feb 2017

Floating and fixed rate lending and loan products are instruments of financing offered from banks/providers to consumers worldwide. While it is available to commercial/corporates it is importantly available to retail consumers to fund short term requirements (credit cards/personal loan), car purchases (car/auto loans), housing (mortgages) and investments (margin lending). The associated interest rate can be impacted by the central bank monetary policy.


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    Reply Rahul Radhakrishna from United Arab Emirates
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  • Q: Want to know the percent of personal loans  

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  • Q: i need somebody who can invest money for my business thanks. If you can i take loan every month and i will pay

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