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Bank Branch Founded Country Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Nomura 176 1993 Japan 1.50% - JPY Nov 2017
Citibank Hong Kong 41 1902 Hong Kong 2.23% - HKD Nov 2017
Bank Of China Hong Kong 260 2001 Hong Kong 2.75% - HKD Nov 2017
Clydesdale Bank 140 1838 United Kingdom 2.90% - GBP Nov 2017
Yorkshire Bank 182 1859 United Kingdom 2.90% - GBP Nov 2017
DBS Hong Kong 28 2001 Hong Kong 2.98% - HKD Nov 2017
CIMB Singapore 2 1947 Singapore 2.98% - SGD Nov 2017
Tesco Bank 1997 United Kingdom 3.10% - GBP Nov 2017
HSBC UK 1725 1865 United Kingdom 3.30% - GBP Nov 2017
HSBC Taiwan 46 2010 Taiwan 3.36%~17.12% - TWD Nov 2017

Worldwide personal loans are a lending product offered by commercial banks. The number of factors thats affect a banks or credit unions decision to approve or decline an application is similiar around the world. These factors include but not limited to the ability to make repayments (details about your employment), account conduct (being overdrawn), terms of application, your credit report as well as your personal financial situation.


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