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Savings Account Type Country APY Account Details
MCB Savings AccountPakistan7.00% This interest rate is for the 'PLS - Savings Account' product  - PKR - Oct, 2014More Info13.9%
Santander Brazil Savings AccountBrazil5.95% This account has a savings interest rate 0.5% per month which works out to be (6.17% pa) + TR (Re - BRL - Oct, 2014More Info6.2%
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Savings AccountEthiopia5.00% To open this savings account product requires a minimum Birr 25.00 .Interest is calculated on the - ETB - Oct, 2014More Info8.4%
Capitec Bank Savings AccountSouth africa4.75% The 'Transaction/Savings Account' product has a Monthly administration fee on 4.50 and the saving - ZAR - Oct, 2014More Info5%
Bank of India Savings AccountIndia4.0% - INR - Oct, 2014More Info6.8%
Bank of Ceylon Savings AccountSri lanka4.00% The rate is applicable to an 'ordinary savings account' which can be opened by a Sri Lankan - LKR - Oct, 2014More Info7.7%
MCB Savings AccountMauritius3.15% - The minimum deposit to open an account is Rs 1000 with a minimum balance of Rs 3000 to generate - MUR - Oct, 2014More Info6.7%
HSBC Australia Savings AccountAustralia2.70% The following rates apply to the HSBC 'Serious Saver' Product and you will get the following inte - AUD - Oct, 2014More Info3.4%
FNB Savings AccountSouth africa2.55% The interest rate indicated relates to R100,000+ tier of this product below and has no account fe - ZAR - Oct, 2014More Info5%
Belize Bank Savings AccountBelize2.52% The AEIR rate listed is for balances above BZ $150 - BZD - Oct, 2014More Info
ANZ Savings AccountAustralia2.50% The interest rate of return applies to the 'ANZ Online Saver' product. This account enables acces - AUD - Oct, 2014More Info3.4%
CBA Netbank SaverAustralia2.50% The interest rate of return is applicable to the 'NetBank Saver' CBA product and has no bank fees - AUD - Oct, 2014More Info3.4%
Maybank Savings AccountMalaysia2.45% This interest rate applies to the 'm2u Savers' product and requires an initial deposit - MYR - Oct, 2014More Info3.3%
AIB Savings AccountIreland2.25% Rate is applicable for the 'Online Regular Saver Rate' type account. Minimum of EUR10 and Maximu - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info2.4%
Societe Generale Algeria Savings AccountAlgeria2.00% This account applies to the 'Eparg - DZD - Oct, 2014More Info4.5%
Bank of Ireland Savings AccountIreland1.60% - Rate provided from the 'CustomSaver' account. - Balances up to 12,000 provides an AER of 2 - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info2.4%
Riyad Bank Savings AccountSaudi arabia1.50% The interest rates below are in the Saudi Riyal currency and are available to local Saudis as wel - SAR - Oct, 2014More Info5%
HSBC Korea Money Market AccountSouth korea1.40% The interest rate for this personal HSBC Won Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA) requires a depos - KRW - Oct, 2014More Info4.2%
ING Savings AccountNetherlands1.40% The interest rate for this ING savings account applies to the orange savings account and is from - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info2.3%
Barclays Wealth Sterling Savings AccountUnited kingdom1.38% Applicable to the 'International Saver Plus' account with applicable rates applying to accounts t - GBP - Oct, 2014More Info4.5%
Societe Generale Savings AccountFrance1.25% The product attracts an initial interest rate of 0.90%. It offers an additional loyalty bonus of - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info2%
Acleda Bank Savings AccountCambodia1.25% This savings product is for a KHR denominated and requires a minimum balance of KHR 10,000. - KHR - Oct, 2014More Info
Rabobank Savings AccountNetherlands1.20% The savings account interest rates applicable for this account are for the 'Internet Sparen' or I - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info2.3%
RBC High Interest eSavingsCanada1.05% Related to the High Interest eSavings productYou get free 24/7 online - CAD - Oct, 2014More Info2.8%
First Bank of Nigeria Savings AccountNigeria1.00% The interest rate according to First Bank of Nigeria website applies to 'generic savings account' - NGN - Oct, 2014More Info10.8%
Nordea Finland Savings AccountFinland0.85% This savings product is the 'InterestExtra Account' and the account is covered by the guarantee f - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info
HSBC France Savings AccountFrance0.80% This savings account applies to the 'Compte sur livret' which can be opened by any individual reg - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info2%
HSBC UK Savings AccountUnited kingdom0.75% Product is the 'Online Bonus Saver' savings account with only 1 required to setup. Intere - GBP - Oct, 2014More Info4.5%
Barclays Wealth Gibraltar Sterling Savings AccountGibraltar0.60% The AER rate of this Barclays Wealth Gibraltar 'high interest savings account sterling' product r - GBP - Oct, 2014More Info
HSBC UAE Savings AccountUnited arab emirates0.60% This rate applies to the eSaver online savings product which requires no minimum balance and no a - AED - Oct, 2014More Info2.5%
Bangkok Bank Savings AccountThailand0.5% The rate for this product has interest calculated daily and paid semi-annually. It is applicable - THB - Oct, 2014More Info4.1%
OCBC Savings AccountsSingapore0.40% The rate is for the MSA Flexible Plan and requires a minimum monthly saving of $50 in increments - SGD - Oct, 2014More Info4.6%
Bank of China Savings AccountChina0.35% The interest rate for this savings account is from the 'BOC demand' deposit product. - RMB - Oct, 2014More Info5.4%
National Bank of Greece Savings AccountGreece0.25% - Rates apply to balances over 150,000.01 for the 'EUROPEAN SAVINGS' account - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info2.9%
RCBC Savings AccountPhilippines0.250% The interest rate for this interest earning deposit product is for the 'regular saving - PHP - Oct, 2014More Info5.3%
Banque de Luxembourg Savings AccountLuxembourg0.25% The gross annual interest rate of return applies to the 'standard savings account' product. - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info
Laiki Bank Savings AccountCyprus0.25% Allows withdrawing at notice and you may be provided with a passbook and debit card wh - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info3.3%
Bank of Cyprus Savings AccountCyprus0.25% - This savings account is the 'traditional savings account' (tamieftirio) product for an Adult - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info3.3%
Metrobank Savings AccountPhilippines0.250% The rate applies to the 'Passbook Savings Account' product by Metrobank which is an in - PHP - Oct, 2014More Info5.3%
Banco De Oro Savings AccountPhilippines0.250% The interest rate applies to the 'Peso Passbook Savings Account' product and requires a minimum d - PHP - Oct, 2014More Info5.3%
Citibank Indonesia Savings AccountIndonesia0.25% The interest rate for the "regular savings account' is credited monthly and is in the curren - IDR - Oct, 2014More Info5.7%
Coutts Savings AccountUnited kingdom0.15% The rate indicated is for the 'private reserve account' savings account with interest calculated - GBP - Oct, 2014More Info4.5%
HSBC Greece EUR Savings AccountGreece0.15% This Greece HSBC savings account is for the ''Advanced Statement savings account' and is denomina - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info2.9%
Bank of Valletta Savings AccountMalta0.10% - Rate is from the 'eAccount' with the minimum Balance in Euro - 1.00 - 12,000.00 - EUR - Oct, 2014More Info2.7%
Isle of Man Savings AccountIsle of man0.10% The AER rate applies to the 'first reserve' savings product and can open up this account from 1 - GBP - Oct, 2014More Info
DBS Singapore Savings AccountSingapore0.100% This rate relates to the DBS 'eSavings Plus Account'. It earns daily interest and includes a debt - SGD - Oct, 2014More Info4.6%
HSBC Jersey Offshore Savings AccountChannel islands0.10% This product from HSBC is called the &nb - GBP - Oct, 2014More Info3.7% ^^^
Raiffeisen Switzerland Savings AccountSwitzerland0.10% The interest rate is for the 'Sparkonto' or savings account product and has limited withdrawal an - CHF - Oct, 2014More Info0.4%
HSBC Vietnam Savings AccountVietnam0.10% This product is a 'HSBC online savings account' denominated in the Vietnamese Dong currency and v - VND - Oct, 2014More Info18.9%
BBT Savings AccountUnited states0.05% The interest rate APY applicable to this account is for the 'BB&T esavings' product and requi - USD - Oct, 2014More Info3%
POSB SRS AccountSingapore0.05% This Interest rate is appliable for savings within this POSB Singaporean Supplementary Retirement - SGD - Oct, 2014More Info4.6%
Bank of China USA CNY Savings AccountUnited states0.05% The minimum balance requirement for this CNY Savings Account is $100. - CNY - Oct, 2014More Info3%
HSBC USA Savings AccountUnited states0.05% This US HSBC 'advance online savings' product account requires a minimum of $10,000 to setup for - USD - Oct, 2014More Info3%
Wells Fargo Savings AccountUnited states0.03% Interest Rate is applicable to the 'High Yield Savings' Product and requires a Wells Fargo chec - USD - Oct, 2014More Info3%
Mizuho Bank Savings AccountJapan0.020% This account is a yen denominated savings product. - JPY - Oct, 2014More Info0.4%
Chase Savings AccountUnited states0.01% The indicated rate displayed is 'Chase SavingsSM' product for the 10001 zip code or New York stat - USD - Oct, 2014More Info3%
Bank of America Savings AccountUnited states0.01% Interest Rate is for the 'regular savings account' product. - USD - Oct, 2014More Info3%
Citibank Savings AccountUnited states0.01% The current interest Rate was calculated for the Citi ' Day-to-Day Savings' product for the - USD - Oct, 2014More Info3%
Citibank Checking AccountUnited states0.01% This checking account interest rate indicated applies to the 'Citibank Account'. This accoun - USD - Oct, 2014More Info3%
HSBC Hong Kong Savings AccountHong Kong0.0010% This HSBC HKD Savings account product has no monthly service fee if the balance is at more than H - HKD - Oct, 2014More Info5%