World Rates

Continent Savings Rates

World Savings Rates

CountryInflationGDPPopulationInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Venezuela159.1% 13,60530,206,30716.00% - VEFDec 2016
Ukraine49%6,665*42,977,36711.00% - UAHDec 2016
Iran15.3%12,258***77,895,30010.00% - IRRDec 2016
Kazakhstan5.8%14,39117,353,70010.00% - KZTDec 2016
Myanmar8.9%132751,419,4208.25% - MMKDec 2016
South Africa5%10,22954,002,0007.23% - ZARDec 2016
Russia8.9%14,913146,149,2007.00% - RUBDec 2016
Rwanda5.9%1,35410,996,8917.00% - RWFDec 2016
Pakistan7.7%2,683188,145,0007.00% - PKRJun 2016
India6.8%3,2751,262,530,0006.00% - INRDec 2016

The floating savings accounts are products offered by banks around the world and is an overall economic indicator of a countries banking system impact by its central bank rates policy. Consumer demand to save or move money between banks for the best yield is impacted by this rate and may affect other asset classes.


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