World Rates

Continent Savings Rates

Worldwide Savings Accounts Rates By Banks

Bank Branch Founded Country Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Banesco 415 1992 Venezuela 16.00% - VEF Nov 2017
National Bank Of Egypt 338 1898 Egypt 11.90% - EGP Nov 2017
Unicredit Bank Ukraine 435 1990 Ukraine 10.00% - UAH Nov 2017
Sina Bank 274 1985 Iran 10.00% - IRR Nov 2017
Eurasian Bank 24 1994 Kazakhstan 10.00% - KZT Nov 2017
KBZ Bank 200 1194 Myanmar 8.25% - MMK Nov 2017
African Bank 637 1993 South Africa 7.12% - ZAR Aug 2017
FNB 775 1838 South Africa 7.05% - ZAR Nov 2017
ROSBANK 600 1993 Russia 7.00% - RUB Nov 2017
MCB 1130 1947 Pakistan 7.00% - PKR Jun 2016

While the rates policy of central banks can influence a banks savings rate it offers to its retail customers, it is only one factor of many. Depending on banks capital requirements/regulations, business model/margins and product offerings, rates can vary significantly between banks. 


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